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Personal Coaching

Looking for a coach? Dr. Lax provides run coaching, guidance, advice and goal-planning for all runners, from novice to experienced, from teens to seniors. With over 50 years of running/racing experience, he has coached track, x-country and road racing, been a fitness consultant and provided exercise rehabilitation.


Besides being a chiropractic physician, Dr. Lax holds a degree in Human Performance with a focus on exercise physiology and biomechanics. Over the years he has helped many runners with fitness advice, training plans, running technique, injury treatment and injury prevention.


But it’s Dr. Lax’ approach to running as a lifelong source of enjoyment and rejuvenation that is one of his biggest assets. Learning to truly love running is his primary goal with everyone he coaches. He is passionate about running and loves to help others learn to share this passion too!

        Personal Coaching…starting at $50/month


        Contact Michael Lax:

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