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Custom Orthotics

Not all runners need foot orthotics when they run. But for some, custom orthotics created for their unique feet and gait can be the difference between recurring injury and a lifetime of pain-free running.


Not sure if orthotics will help you? Call Dr. Lax’ office to book an assessment. He will examine your feet, your posture and joint mechanics, and evaluate your gait. He can then tell you if he thinks orthotics would be beneficial, or if there are other biomechanical issues that require addressing. If orthotics are indicated, he can fit and order custom orthotics designed specifically for you. In his opinion, the orthotics he orders are among the very best available: the most corrective yet also the most comfortable.

        Contact Dr. Lax by email (

        or phone (250-590-2995) to book an appointment.

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